Dripper Holder "Grain White × Black" with lacquer ware production techniques

Yamanaka Nuri, Kaga Onsenkyo, Ishikawa

A new experience for your daily life with coffee.
Ceramics, textiles, ironware, and a wide variety of other Japanese crafts are available.
Among these crafts, lacquerware is known overseas as "Japan". Lacquer is the sap from the Urushi tree.
As the sap hardens, the transparency of the lacquer increases, giving it a unique luster.

We want to add Japanese production sites to your life with coffee.
Today, we would like to talk about the "Grain White × Black" dripper holder produced in Yamanaka Onsen, one of the production centers of lacquerware in Kaga Onsen, Ishikawa Prefecture.
We visited the production area and were shown how the techniques and manufacturing of lacquerware have been handed down and changed with the changing times.

Visit Yamanaka Onsen, a beautiful mountain town along a mountain stream

Yamanaka Onsen is located deep in the mountains within Kaga Onsenkyo and is surrounded by colorful natural scenery, with the Daishoji River flowing through the center of town.

The lacquer craftsmen are so skilled that they are known as the "Yamanaka of woodwork" along with "Wajima of lacquer ware" and "Kanazawa of maki-e lacquer ware".

In recent years, the manufacturing technology has been transformed into products that fit modern lifestyles while preserving tradition by using lacquerware manufacturing techniques to produce lacquerware-like bowls with materials (synthetic resins) and paints that fit modern lifestyles.

This time, we visited the site where the paint is sprayed. Here are some scenes of the production area changing with the times.

Mr. Miki, who gave us a tour of his spraying operation

"The most important thing is the gloss of the paint when it dries, the evenness of the paint layer, and what the result will be after it dries."

After the work is done, what kind of color finish will be achieved is the most important part.

"The finish is completely different depending on the season, the temperature of the day, and the weather. Subtle nuances produce changes in color. The gloss can become darker or lighter, and we fine-tune the color by adjusting it accordingly."

In Yamanaka Onsen, where lacquerware is produced, a variety of products are manufactured,such as soup bowls and lunch boxes for home use.

We caught a glimpse of the craftsmen making adjustments to each product as they faced the seasons and temperatures.

The array of items is a sight to behold.

As it dries, the sheen of the paint will gradually change.

Each color shines in a different way, each one an original.

"The paint is sprayed with a gun (radiating machine), so each one will have a different look. The thickness of the paint also varies, so the way the color shines through changes. We have to follow the old ways, but also do new techniques and methods."

Each piece is made by hand by craftsmen, so the color, luster, and shine of each piece has a different appearance.

"I usually paint all over, but I don't often get this kind of splashed spray, so it's all about balance."

When we asked the craftsman to spray it, he gave me a nice smile and a ready consent.
The finished holder was blown with a perfect sense of balance.
As it dries, its expression changes.

We incorporate the techniques used in traditional lacquerware to make the daily life of the user more comfortable and enjoyable.

The "Grain White × Black" dripper holder, which adds color to everyday life with coffee, is carefully crafted one by one by artisans in this way.

We will be happy if the Dripper Holder [wood grain white x black], to which the traditional techniques of Japanese lacquerware are applied, will give you a chance to enjoy your daily coffee life for a long time.

Dripper holder [Grain White × Black]

ドリッパーホルダー [木目ホワイト×ブラック]

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Dripper holder [Grain White×Black]

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