Dripper Holder "Sakura" that grows with you

Hayakawa Wood Works, Nakatsugawa, Gifu

We want to incorporate cherry blossoms into our daily life with coffee.
Japan has four distinct seasons, and among them, cherry blossoms are synonymous with spring.
They announce the arrival of spring and pass the baton to the summer season in the form of cherry blossom snowflakes dancing in the wind.
We would like to add the uniquely Japanese cherry blossoms to your life with coffee.

Today, we would like to talk about the ORIGAMI Dripper Holder "Sakura" made in Nakatsugawa, a place rich in the greenery and water of Ura-Kiso.
The expression of cherry blossoms can be expressed only in Nakatsugawa, where we continue to confront the exquisiteness of handcrafting and the individuality of the wood.
We visited Hayakawa Woodworks this time, and were shown how good craftsmanship is made.

To Ura-Kiso and Nakatsugawa with dazzling green colors

Nakatsugawa is a production center for high-quality timber such as Touno Hinoki and Kiso Hinoki.

The Nakatsugawa River is also the site of logging of Kiso Hinoki cypress to be used for the 2033 "Shikinen Sengu" ceremony at Ise Jingu Shrine (Ise City, Mie Prefecture), where the shrine pavilions are rebuilt every 20 years.

The maker, Hayakawa Wood Works, is officially called "Wood Lover Hayakawa Wood Works."

The name came from a declaration he made on the occasion of a speech he had given in the past.

"Cherry trees are used for processing when they are in their third year of being made into wood. It is very difficult to control the humidity, and it can be a bit of a tomboy when the humidity is high, but it has a particular beauty in its gentle, smooth bark and changing colors."

Each wood has its own character, with some having narrow annual rings and others thicker.

It shows how the wood has passed through time. Taking advantage of this individuality, Mr. Hayakawa applies the perfect treatment to the wood.

When we were shown the manufacturing site, we could see how the process of turning cherry trees into holders is adjusted many times, and how they continue to deal with nature from the beginning to the end.

Every tree has its own personality and a suitable way to face it.

"Each tree has a completely different expression depending on the environment in which it grew up. The look of wood grown in a river or in a mountainous area where water accumulates, or the annual rings of wood that has been constantly exposed to the sun, everyone has their own personality and a suitable way of dealing with it."

From right to left, the finished product is approached.

"I had to make numerous adjustments in the rounding and curving of the wood, and I had to custom order the blade of the machine that would cut it out myself to improve the quality. To stabilize the supporting part of the dripper, I had to have fine nuances to the wood."

Mr. Hayakawa said, showing us the custom-made German-made blade he was actually adjusting. The selection of blades is made possible by his thorough knowledge of the wood's individual characteristics.

What is the special part of making the ORIGAMI Dripper Holder "Sakura"?

"The drippers were to be beautiful when used and to be supported firmly and horizontally. Keeping it level meant that the wood had to be machined evenly."

This is a really time-consuming and labor-intensive job, as it involves making numerous adjustments while also keeping an eye on the chamfering and overall balance of the product.
Next, the surface is polished. The polished cherry hue begins to show a more beautiful expression.

Each piece of wood has its own character and history, and we want to create something that will make the user feel comfortable and happy. The ORIGAMI Dripper Holder "Sakura", which beautifully decorates your daily life with coffee, is carefully made by craftsmen one by one in this way.

Even to make a single holder, a lot of time and effort is spent to find out the individuality of the wood and process it. You can enjoy the aging process of cherry wood, so it is something you will want to keep for a long time.

Many people might describe the use of natural materials as growing.

This "Sakura" holder is a perfect example of this word.

This holder will grow with you as you continue to build up your life with coffee.

This makes everyday life more enjoyable.

We hope you will enjoy your daily coffee life for a long time with the ORIGAMI Dripper Holder "Sakura",

which is handmade one by one, making use of the warmth of Japanese cherry trees and natural materials.

Dripper holder [Sakura]
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Dripper holder [Sakura]

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