2024 Spring New Item
Sensory Series"Filter Cup"
センサリーシリーズ フィルターカップ
2024 Spring New Item
Sensory Series"Filter Cup"
センサリーシリーズ フィルターカップ
The newest addition to the Sensory Series
" Filter Cup"
We developed this product so that you can fully enjoy the original flavor and characteristics of specialty coffees brewed by hand drip.

Thinner cup rim

The thinness of the rim of the cup was thoroughly considered so that the delicate flavors of specialty coffees can be fully appreciated. When you slowly sip the coffee, the coffee flows from the back of your tongue to the side, allowing you to enjoy the refreshing acidity of specialty coffee.

Sleek body lines and
goblet-like shape

The gently curved inner shape is designed to keep the aroma inside the cup by filling the cup about one-third full of coffee.
The closer the cup is to the mouth, the more mellow the aroma can be felt.

White, which beautifully shows off the light blue color of the coffee, and black, which eliminates visual preconceptions and allows the user to focus on the sense of smell and taste.

We recommend that you enjoy the coffee slowly as you pour it from the coffee server so that you can enjoy the changes in flavor that occur as the coffee cools.

Select a style and color

- Filter Cup -

Filter Cup



Porcelain/ Heat resistant up to 120℃, microwave safe, dishwasher safe/ Made in Japan


Φ88×H88 mm290cc(when full)




White/ Black


1,430 JPY(tax included)