2024 Spring New Item



2024 Spring New Item
Tenugui to use with
your favorite coffee equipments
For this second collection of original goods, we have produced "tenugui," a towel that has been used and loved in Japan since ancient times.
Made of 100% cotton, the tenugui is durable and long-lasting, and the more it is used, the softer and more comfortable it becomes against the skin.

We hope that the ORIGAMI Tenugui will be an item that coffee lovers, regardless of professional or amateur status,who enjoy ORIGAMI coffee as much as ORIGAMI drippers and cups, will become "attached" to it.
We have completed a tenugui that you will want to cherish and use for a long time.

We have created a fresh and modern design with a POP image of ORIGAMI's products to help you get through the early summer holiday season that will soon be upon us,and the extreme heat that has become a social problem every year.
"Coffee time × Tenugui"
There are many situations where tenugui is useful during daily coffee time.

When using the hand mill
Depending on the hand mill item used and the amount of beans, grinding beans with a manual mill can be a strenuous task. Wetting a tenugui with a little water to prevent it from slipping will prevent the force from being dispersed, allowing you to grind the beans smoothly.

When you brewing a coffee
When brewing, instead of holding the kettle with bare hands, use the kettle as a mitten to gently hold the handle for stable brewing.

As a gift wrapping
ORIGAMI products are often chosen as gifts for acquaintances who love coffee or friends who want to try hand drip coffee at home. There are endless ways to wrap a tenugui towel, and each tenugui can be used as a gift.

In daily life, we recommend using it not only as a towel or handkerchief, but also as a table runner, or as a tapestry to hang on the wall for interior decoration.

With the iconic ORIGAMI drippers

”Dripper Dots”

By putting the dripper, a symbolic item of ORIGAMI, in an all-over pattern, we have created a design that can be enjoyed no matter which side is exposed.

Inspired by traditional Japanese patterns, the 20 straight vertical grooves that characterize the ORIGAMI drippers are also hand-painted with a brush texture.

We paid particular attention to the reproducibility of the fine pattern, which was essential in producing this overall pattern, and chose a pure white, fine-grained fabric called "Oka," which produces fine patterns beautifully.

Expressing the coffee brewing scene


ORIGAMI's simple and sophisticated products and the brand's world view are expressed in a modern design.

We have stripped away the unnecessary elements as much as possible to create a graceful illustration of coffee being brewed from ORIGAMI drippers.

The color scheme is POP, but the design is also somewhat Japanese, and is arranged vertically to resemble a Japanese hanging scroll, adding an element of interior design.

- Introducing wrapping methods using tenugui -

Part 1: Wrapping the ORIGAMI dripper!
The following is an introduction to wrapping the entire package. When you want to carry the dripper as is, or when using it outdoors such as camping, you can quickly wrap it up and take it with you.

Part 2: Wrapping up the [EC limited] Tasting kit.

When wrapping long items, wrap both sides around to make handles for easy carrying.

Part3: Recommended for carrying a cupping spoon!

Just by folding a single tenugui into the fabric, you can create a small bag for small items. You can use it as a multi-purpose accessory case by changing the width of the fold according to the item you want to put in it.

Traditional Japanese Dyeing Techniques


The hand-printing method is a time-consuming process in which a mold is made for each color and the colored glue is printed on the fabric with a spatula called a squeegee.

The designs created for this tenugui are a fine line all-over pattern and a large pattern with a pop color scheme.In order to produce both designs with high reproducibility and stability, they are realized through various processes, including the high skills of craftsmen and the characteristics of the fabrics they choose.

Choose a style and color



Manufacturing, processing, materials and methods

Country of origin: Japan Final processing: Japan Material: Cotton Manufacturing method: Hand printing




Approx. 40g

Dripper Dots (Red) Brewing (Beige)


1,980 JPY (tax included)

・Hand wash with plenty of water.

・Stretch out wrinkles lightly by hand.

・Do not leave the fabric wet.

・When ironing, please use a cloth.

・Hang dry out of direct sunlight.

・The bleaching effect of detergents may cause rapid color fading. Use of bleach-containing detergents or strongly alkaline detergents may damage the fabric and cause it to tear.

・When hot water is used and the tenugui gets warm, the dye may bleed out. This will lead to rapid color fading.

・It is impossible to prevent the color from fading because it is a dyed garment. Depending on the color, the color will settle down a little after washing several times, and after that, the color will gradually fade and the texture will appear.

・Please cut the weft yarn with scissors or the like, as it will fray at the beginning. The weft will naturally stop fraying at about 5~10mm from the edge.

・If the dye remains on the fabric for a long period of time, it may soak into the fabric too much and damage the fabric, causing it to tear. Be sure to wash it once before putting it away.