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2024 Limited Collection
with Makers Project 

ORIGAMI is a brand born from the wishes of baristas.

With the slogan "with Barista", ORIGAMI develops products to brew delicious coffee for all baristas who continue to pursue a perfect cup.s who continue to pursue a perfect cup.

"with Makers" is a new challenge for us as a Mino ware manufacturer, working on collaboration beyond the boundaries of production areas and industries,

and we want to convey the culture of Japanese craftsmanship through ORIGAMI's products.

We want people to enjoy and love our products for a long time by getting to know the background of production and the makers of them.

We want more people to enjoy coffee.

This project was launched with this in mind.

The theme of this first project is "ORIGAMI and Indigo Dyeing".

Limited Collection
“ ORIGAMI×Watanabe’s ”

About Watanabe’s

In Kamiita-cho, Tokushima Prefecture, known as the production center of Awa Ai, the company engages in the entire process of indigo dyeing, from indigo cultivation, sukumo making (raw material for dyeing solution), dyeing, and production.

Please also read the interview with Kenta Watanabe, the representative of Watanabe's, about the activities of Watanabe's, the unexpected similarities between coffee and indigo dyeing, and the products produced this time.

"Indigo work to the future.Watanabe's indigo color continues to evolve”

The set includes a limited color dripper made especially for this collaboration, a wooden holder made by Watanabe's, and an original tenugui (hand towel).


・Dripper S [awa]

・ORIGAMI×Watanabe’s Dripper Holder [Indigo dye]

・ORIGAMI×Watanabe's Tenugui /One of either Dripper dots or Brewing pattern

・ORIGAMI Glass Coffee Server with HARIO

・Paper Filter [Cone] /1-2cups

Dripper S [awa]

Indigo dye is made by mixing the raw materials sukumo, lye, shellfish ash, and bran (the outer skin of wheat) and fermenting them to produce a dye solution.

This process is called "AI WO TATERU" in technical words. As fermentation proceeds, many bubbles are created on the surface of the liquid.

To create the image of these bubbles, the craftsmen at ORIGAMI's manufacturing factory, Koyo Toki, have made bubbles of the indigo pigment " Gosu" in the world of ceramics, and covered the surface of each dripper piece by piece.

*Dripper S [awa] is included in Special Box only. Not sold individually.

Watanabe's dyed the wooden holder made of natural laurel wood with indigo.

Each piece is carefully dyed by adjusting the coloring of each piece, as the coloring varies depending on the part of the wood from which it was carved and the grain of the wood. Please enjoy the expression of each color.

ORIGAMI and Watanabe's logo are engraved on the back. Finished with urethane paint for long-lasting color.

The wooden holder was manufactured by Hayakawa Wood Works in Nakatsugawa City, Gifu Prefecture.

ORIGAMI × Watanabe’s Tenugui

Original tenugui hand towel dyed and produced by Watanabe's.

The Brewing pattern is a simple design that evokes the image of coffee being brewed, with a beautiful contrast between white and indigo, while the Dripper dots pattern beautifully expresses the delicate lines of the ORIGAMI dripper through the katazome dyeing process. Tenugui can be used not only as a towel, but also as wrapping for gifts, displayed as a tapestry, or worn like a bandana.In the Special Box, please choose one of either the Dripper dots pattern or the Brewing pattern.

*Tenugui is only included in the Special Box. Not sold individually.

This is a limited color dripper specially manufactured by Koyo Toki for this project. The name [sukumo] comes from sukumo, the raw material used in indigo dyeing.
Each piece has a slightly different expression due to the use of a glaze that changes in the kiln, and the white color sprayed on the finish gives it a light gradation.
It is recommended to use it with ORIGAMI×Watanabe's Dripper Holder [Indigo dye].

Thursday, July 25, 2024, (10:00 a.m. Japan time), pre-order starts at the ORIGAMI online store.

Friday, August 2, 2024 (10:00 a.m.), On sale to the general public at the ORIGAMI Online Store. *Please note that products sold out during the pre-order period will not be released to the general sale.

【About pre-order】

Pre-order Period: July 25, 2024 from 10:00 AM to August 1, 2024 at 8:00 AM(JST)

Delivery date: Ships by August 9, 2024. We cannot accept delivery date specification. Orders placed together with other items will be shipped together. However, items purchased separately several times during the period cannot be shipped together.

【About General Sales】

General sales start date: August 2, 2024 at 10:00 AM(JST)

Delivery date: Ships by August 23, 2024. We cannot accept delivery date specification. Orders placed together with other items will be shipped together. However, items purchased separately several times during the period cannot be shipped together.

*This product will be discontinued as soon as the planned sales quantity is reached.

【International Shipping】

We only ship to countries/areas that can be shipped via EMS. Due to contracts with distributors, we are unable to ship to the following areas from our Online store.

China, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan

Only Dripper S [sukumo] will be sold by some distributors. Please contact the distributors directly for their stock and release schedule.

Please note that ORIGAMI x Watanabe's Dripper Special Box and Dripper Holder [Indigo dye] are only available at ORIGAMI Online Store.



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