Characteristics of Porcelain

The following phenomena may occur even in products that are shipped as
good products after inspection. Please be aware that these phenomena are
unavoidable due to the manufacturing process and that
they are characteristics of the product.

Bleeding or blurring of logo

The ORIGAMI logo is painted by a technique called underglaze painting,
which means that it is printed under the glaze.
Therefore, some of them may fuse with the glaze, causing blurring or bleeding.
Also, since the logo is coated on top, it will not fade or come off during use.

Iron dust

Even white objects contain iron in the clay from which the vessels are
made, which appears as black spots on the surface when
the vessels are fired.


Glazed vessels may have small indentations that look like pins.
This is a phenomenon peculiar to ceramics in which organic matter attached to
the fabric during glazing is baked and forms small dents, and is not a defect.

Individual differences in glaze (color and texture)

Porcelain has a variety of expressions depending on natural conditions
such as seasons and temperatures, as well as the glaze and the heat used during firing.
For this reason, even vessels made of the same material will vary in color and texture after firing.
The two items below are the same color, but the color intensity may
vary depending on the time of production.
(Left) Dark (Right) Light

Uneven color, texture

The thickness of the glaze may vary depending on the shape and thickness of
the vessel, and the exposure to fire may cause the color and texture to be
uneven in some areas within a single vessel.

Example of uneven color

Example of fine surface irregularities

Example of numerous small holes in surface

One part of the back of the handle of the black cupping spoon may be white,
but this is due to the fact that the spoon is hung and fired during production,
so the glaze is not applied to that part of the handle.
This is not due to damage such as chipping.
Please be assured that there is no problem in using it.

Weight & Size

Due to manufacturing lots and glazes,
there are individual differences in weight and size even for
the same product. Therefore, the size and weight may differ slightly
from the size and weight listed on the product page.
Please understand.